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Stormy skies in Freemantle


I've never seen skies like this. A cyclone north of Perth had combined with a forest fire not far away causing an unreal yellow light and it was raining ash.

Little Oman trip

A few shots from my quick spin around Oman earleir this year. Only a complete wally would try to drive a Renault Duster into the desert to see the sunrise... Lovely locals and very patient.

Silk weavers, Santuk, Cambodia

Santuk Silk was founded by US Vietnam vet Bud Gib who came to SE Asia in the 70s to help ex soldiers who'd lost limbs. It's a cooperative where the women all share the fruits of their labour. Well worth a visit.

Making Buddhas in Cambodia

I spent a few hours with these guys and saw the process from block of stone to life-size Buddha. It's hot and dusty work! In my excitement I bought a Buddha head which doubled the weight of my backpack.

Vietnam Electric

Look up in any town or city in Vietnam and you're likely to see this. Impossible knots of electricity and phone cables, stretching tentacles out in all directions. It must be a nightmare for the phone repair people but they do make pretty silhouettes.