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Kwun Tong alleyways #1

This project was the result of several days touring the back alleys of the industrial Kwun Tong district in Hong Kong. My good friend Aria Yang at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is working with the HK government to rejuvenate the area and draw attention to the alleyways. She invited me to come and take some photos of the people who use them. 

It’s my favourite bit of Hong Kong, away from all the shiny streets and shopping malls. It feels more like the city I remember from my first trip in 1996.

We found a whole ecosystem of studios, garages, food stalls; all sandwiched into passages often no wider than a few feet and so tall that they were in permanent twilight. The only visible sky was a thin strip above our heads and condensation from air conditioners provided a constant rain so that it felt as if it had it’s own weather.